Therapy Team

The Therapy team at The Edith Borthwick School provides an integrated model of service delivery which includes assessment and treatment for children and adolescents throughout the School who have a variety of communication and sensory needs. They work as a multidisciplinary team and develop close relationships with the Senior Leadership team, teaching and support staff which enables them to provide functional support throughout the school and within the classroom for the children they support.

There are a range of ways that the therapists work with the children to support their needs including; whole school, class-based and specialist individualised interventions. The therapists aim to support pupils to develop their communication and engagement skills, which in turn enables them to access the curriculum.

The Occupational Therapy service is focused on Sensory Integration. Sensory processing difficulties can impact on attention, learning, behaviour and participation in activities and so can impact a learner’s ability to access the curriculum. Our Occupational Therapist, Amanda, works closely with learners, their teachers and support staff to deliver individual and group interventions to support students with sensory processing difficulties engage in school activities. 

The therapy team develops links with parents and families by attending school parent’s evenings and delivering parent training and are available to discuss any concerns that you may have about your child’s communication or sensory needs. You can contact the team directly by emailing