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Curriculum Intent





At the Edith Borthwick School our aim is to provide a learning environment for every learner that is personalised, inclusive, safe, enjoyable and challenging with appropriate support and guidance to enable them to develop skills for life. Our aim is to give learners the skills to live as independently as possible in their life beyond school.



At the Edith Borthwick school we believe that everyone should;

Enjoy learning and achieving

Show care and concern for themselves, others and the environment

Treat others with respect and dignity and accept and tolerate others and their individual differences

Be safe, healthy and happy and be a valued member of the community

Develop self-confidence and self esteem

Put students and their families at the heart of everything we strive for


Strands of learning

We believe that there are five essential areas for Learning. Our intention is that these are part of everything that we do here at the Edith Borthwick School. Students learning happens across these areas. The headings are:



Cognition and Learning

Physical and Sensory

Social and Emotional


The curriculum is further spilt into other areas of learning:

Functional Skills – Reading, literacy, Numeracy, English, Maths

Creative Development- Music, art, drama, dance

Physical Development- PD, Swimming, Rugby, Football, Rebound, Physio, Hydro

Independent Living Skills- PSED, SRE, RE, Food Preparation, Enterprise, Personal Care

Community Awareness- Travel Training, Community visits, Recycling, Gardening, Personal Safety and Road Safety

Science and Technology- ICT, D & T, Science

Reading skills are a key focus across the school with access to set reading schemes, dedicated reading/phonics sessions. The early learning of reading is promoted through the use of Jolly phonics, sensory stories, auditory books, I pads and kindles as students move through the school. We also feel that it is essential to develop each individual personally, therefore personal and social development opportunities are planned across the curriculum, including a variety of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) experiences gained from visiting groups, assemblies, planned community access and residential trips.


The Edith Borthwick school is divided into five Hubs

Hub 1 EY to Yr 2

Hub 2 Yr 2 to Yr 4

Hub 3 Yr 4 to Yr 7

Hub 4 Yr 7 to Yr 9

Hub 5 Yr 10 to Yr 14



We are developing clear Learner Pathways suitable to the needs of the learners as follows;

Informal Learners P Levels 1 to 4

Semi-formal Learners P levels 4 to 7

Formal Learners P Level 8 +


Hub 1 to 4

In these hubs lessons are topic based with learning covering strands and individual goals. In addition to this topic based work learners access a variety of other opportunities such as PAWS, Didi Dance, Forest School


Hub 5

In hub 5, learners access appropriate courses linked to their needs to support them to prepare for adulthood, these can lead to accreditation through ASDAN. Our more formal learners access OCR English and Maths. The offer is aimed to enable learners to develop and gain the skills needed for whatever their next challenge may be, for example accessing travel training, college or links with adult provision.