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Mid Interaction

This is equipment that may be attached to the wall or be located at eye level.


Bubble Tube

A stream of bubbles is passed through a fluid and illuminated by colour changing lights to capture attention and calm agitation. This can be operated with a variety of switches, which allows the children to develop different skills. This includes colour mixing, cause and effect, visual tracking and choice making. The bubble tube gives an exciting visual experience and calming sound and vibration. 


Leaf Chair

This creates a relaxing experience for a child, and can be used to stimulate their vestibular sense. 


Physiotherapy Balls

We use a variety of different sized physiotherapy balls to either alert or calm the children. If the children roll on the ball it has a calming effect and helps strengthen their inner core, whilst bouncing on a physio ball helps to alert them. 


Sound and Light Screen

The screen lights up in response to sound. 


Voice Distortion System

The children’s voices can be manipulated to create a range of dramatic sounds. This is great for storytelling and encouraging spontaneous language.