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Welcome to Key Stage 3


Key Stage 3 comprises Classes 11-14. Students enjoy lots of extra-curricular activities such as dancing for the girls, football for the boys with Chelsea Football Club coaches and food technology in our purpose-built food tech room, where students learn basic food preparation and cooking techniques to enhance their independence. They also enjoy D&T in our well-equipped D&T room, where they are able to create a number of different woodwork projects such as wooden toys and storage boxes.


We like to go on trips away from school – we have recently been to Layer Marney Tower where students experienced a number of food-related craft activities. In the summer term we are planning an exciting day trip to France using the Channel Tunnel. Previous trips have included Legoland and the Science Museum. We also like to invite professional companies in to enrich our topics, such as Chinese dragon dancers, exotic animal collections and didgeridoo musicians. We enjoy visits from travelling theatre companies which enable our students to take part in a performance alongside professional actors. Last Year’s performance was The Jungle Book.


We enjoy a variety of physical activities including dance, tag rugby, hockey, basketball, circuit training and football, with many sessions being delivered by professional coaches, supported by our own staff.


We like to share activities across our Key Stage; planning Key Stage afternoons linked to our topics where all the students can take part in a variety of art, craft, music, sport and food tasting activities.


Lessons in Key Stage 3 are delivered by experienced staff, and are made engaging and interactive to enhance our students' learning and well-being. Activities are geared towards their interests, supported by high-quality resources delivered in short bursts to maintain focus. Students are supported by visual timetables and consistent approaches. Staff working in Key Stage 3 have an excellent knowledge of the students in their care, supported by the use of Communication Passports. These contain information about students gathered from parents/carers and staff who have worked with them. Activities are planned to increase students’ independence skills as they move towards college phase.


We value the support of parents and carers and try hard to provide good home/school communication.