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Individual Aspirations

The school is committed to a person centred approach which puts our learners at the centre of everything we do. Wishes and goals for the future are unique to each learner and their parents/carers, and we work hard to create effective relationships so that goals can be understood and worked towards together.


Student views are key. Sometimes it can be difficult for learners to communicate their wishes so we use a variety of different methods to make sure these are captured.  These include, but are not limited to, verbal input, the use of technology and visual aids, and information from those who know learners well and can advocate for them if necessary.  All students will have a current Student Profile, and where appropriate, they will also have a Communication Passport.


Targets and long term outcomes are discussed together and finalised at the yearly One Plan meetings (or more frequently if needs change). Aspirations, goals, and potential barriers are also captured and recorded at this time. We liaise closely with Statutory Assessment Service and other agencies to ensure that we work collaboratively towards realising individual hopes and dreams.  Details and steps to achievement will be recorded in One Plan documentation and then into Education Health Care Plans.