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Higher Interaction

 This is equipment that tends to be higher up in the room, like projectors.


Fibre Optic Light Cascade

These are long and transparent thin fibres made of plastic that transmit light in various colours that can be controlled by a switch. They can be used to develop cause and effect skills, learning body awareness, fine motor skills and visual stimulation experiences.


Light Scanner

This is an interactive scanner which the children can control, to move and rotate different coloured shapes. This is good for hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, visual tracking, choice making and storytelling.



These project moving images over whole walls, we use a variety of effects wheels to link to school topics and create a sensory story for the child.


Ultra Violet Light

We use this in conjunction with UV tape, UV clothes, UV shapes and letters, Shadow board and UV bowling. The UV light helps to develop focus and concentration skills.


Wind Machine

This can be used with a switch for cause and effect and is excellent for storytelling.