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Welcome to Early Years


Our Early Years class is class one. Students in the Early Years class are supported by a high ratio of staff and work closely with the speech and language team. Students participate in regular attention bucket sessions and are offered a language rich environment and are given as many opportunities as possible to communicate. Each student is given appropriate strategies to support them in developing their communication skills.


Staff working in Early Years have an excellent knowledge of students in their care supported through the use of Communication Passports. These contain information gathered from parents, carers and staff who have worked with them.

Student’s in the Early Year’s class are provided with a visual environment where a range of visual support strategies are used, including objects of reference, visual timetable and transition photo support. Activities during the day are structured so that it helps our younger students begin to cope with life at school.


Students in our early year’s class have the opportunity to engage in a range of stimulating and enriching activities which include engagement in a weekly swimming session and a regular visit in the community to the local play bus at the carousel centre.

Students have continuous access to an outdoor area, attached to the class, to participate in a range of movement, sensory and curriculum based activities.


Students are given the opportunity to engage in a range of visits related to the topic area being covered and have enjoyed spending time at Colchester zoo, Barley lands and Walton-on-the- Naze.

Students can start in our Early Year’s class from the age of 3. Each student is offered five sessions which are flexible and can be used as mornings, afternoons or full days.

We value the support of parents and carers and try hard to provide good home-school communication.

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