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e-Safety and Students

Please click HERE for a link to a PDF document detailing FACEBOOK safety information and settings.


Below are some links from CBBC to videos on esafety:

Who do you share your details with? 
A video about protecting your information from strangers on social media, sung to the tune of "What Makes you Beautiful." by The New Kids On The Block (aka Ore, Joe and Ricky)

'Take Care' with Bobby Lockwood
A video about clicking all banners and attachments and accidentally downloading a virus sung by Wolfblood's Bobby Lockwood.

Sometimes What Seems Like Fun
A video about the consequences of posting everything online for the whole world to see sung by Helen Skelton.

Mama switched it off
A video about boys who were playing a game too old for them and their mother's reaction. Followed by a song about the dangers of the internet, it's not for all ages.

Horrible Histories! 

Prudish Victorian - Don't lie about your age online
A funny video in which a Prudish Victorian finds out the hard way about lying about your age online

Lady Jane Grey - Beware what you download
Lady Jane Grey recieved and e-mail which appears to inform her that she has become Queen of England but the truth is very different. 

Guy Fawkes - Internet Privacy Settings
Guy Fawkes finds sharing personal information over the internet can leave you in trouble.