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Class 12-22 Photo Gallery

Students and staff had a great time discovering lots of things along the shore and enjoying activities in the sunshine while visiting the Isle of Wight

Students and parents enjoyed our Christmas Carol Service which was held in St Mary's Church, Bocking.

Students and staff had a lovely time at Dukes Barn in Derbyshire enjoying the activities and facilities.

In Derbyshire College students had great fun experiencing extreme activities and playing games.

The Wilderness Foundation, Chatham Green, helps to keep wildlife, insects and plants safe and well.

At Colchester Institute college students have been learning Spanish 'hola'

Students have the opportunity to gain work experience alongside their studies.

Students learn by helping at Rainbow Rural, a farm and rural education centre.

Students attend local colleges to gain valuable skills in metalwork, woodwork and vehicle mechanics.



Outdoor Learning offers college phase students wonderful opportunities to learn through challenges and adventure.

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development