Staff Christmas Wishes 2021

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Thank you so much to everyone who donated and took part in our Sensory Snow Experience this week!

The FOEBS elves have been busy editing and sending out the photographs, the last batch should be going out today. Due to Covid safety measures needing to be changed at the last minute, our team and photographer had to step back and so the amazing staff team did everything for us to make the event a fun experience for the learners and take fab photos for their families.

Huge thank you to the staff who set up, ran the event, supported the learners to attend and engage in whatever ways that suited them and did all the tidying up afterwards... on top of their already crazy workload!! FOEBS enormously appreciates your dedication to enable this to still go ahead for the children and young people. Once we’ve finished sharing the photos we’ll count the pennies and let you know how much you raised for school to spend next year! Over the holidays we shall also make a montage video of lots of the photos (where permission has been given) so everyone can share the learners’ enjoyment. This will also serve as a ‘video social story’ next year to help those who struggled.

Click here to see our video