Animal Therapy & Care Project - Thank You Video

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Click here to view - Huge enormous gigantic thank yous from FOEBS and the school for all your support in the development of the Animal Therapy and Care Area! It was a joy to collaborate with our friends at Great Dunmow Round Table in phase one during the summer holiday to create the storage shed to expand what could be done in the main cabin. Michelle then reorganised both cabin and shed to make them functional and beautiful. Ducks and a new home were added! Lots of you joined in with our name the ducks competition to get the ball rolling.

Then the big fundraiser followed in phase three to purchase the super dooper portable power pack so light, heating and even music would make the cabin cosy and comfortable all year round! You smashed it with a final generous donation to push us past the £1200 target. We asked Gary (aka Andrew Marr) to interview Michelle and reveal a final surprise, assisted by Daniel from IT (aka Steven Spielberg) to record events!

This project is now complete but we have a feeling the story isn't over as thanks to Hannah's marathon run Michelle has a nest egg to develop the area even further next year!! We are so grateful to Michelle for what she achieves with our wonderful learners so it has been a genuine pleasure to help her enhance what she can offer them!