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Therapy provision in College Phase


Coordinated therapy services provide a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to working within college phase at The Edith Borthwick School. The  team consists of Margaret Dee, our Occupational therapist (OT), Laura Ruff and Samantha Wheeler, Speech and language therapists (SLT).


The team provide an integrated model of working and liaise closely with senior leadership and class teams to develop class plans and arrange termly meetings to determine pupil priorities. Through close working and effective communication with education staff, they are able to develop an assessment plan and follow processes which allow them to identify key areas of difficulty and to consider what level of support is required. Another aim of the team is to provide functional and relevant targets for pupils that will be integrated across the school day; therapists and class teams will then support students with the development and maintenance of their individual targets across the contexts of which they need to utilise these skills, i.e. lessons, college settings and across wider community activities.


Therapists work with students on both an individual and group basis. The OT service is focussed on Sensory Integration. Sensory processing difficulties can impact on curriculum access, attention, learning, behaviour and participation in activities. Individual and group intervention is provided to support students with sensory processing difficulties engage in school activities. This involves working closely with the students, their teachers and their families.


The Speech and Language Team works closely with the students within classrooms everyday on site and provides communication support across a variety of lessons during the school week. Additionally, weekly structured language sessions and 1:1 targeted support for students is provided where required. Therapists enjoy facilitating social skills groups and informal lunchtime clubs to further support the generalisation of social interaction skills.


The Therapy Team is keen to raise more awareness of therapy provision and how students are supported at Edith Borthwick. They will be available to attend and interact with parents at any upcoming coffee mornings or parent’s evenings. Furthermore, team members are available to attend any meetings about students upon request and liaison with senior leadership team.


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