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Meeting Schedule 2016/17

Autumn Term 2016



Date Meeting Time
Monday 19th September 2016  Governing Body Planning Meeting 5pm
Monday 10th October 2016  Pay Committee Meeting (Teachers) 9.30am
Tuesday 29th November 2016

 Full Governing Body Meeting (Resources focus)

 Followed by Pay Committee (Headteacher)




Spring Term 2017


Date Meeting Time
Tuesday 17th January 2017       Curriculum Committee Meeting 9.30am
Tuesday 28th February 2017  Resources Committee Meeting 8.15am
Tuesday 14th March 2017

 Governing Body Meeting 

 Followed by Pay Committee (Support Staff)





Summer Term 2017


Date Meeting Time
Monday 24th April 2017                             

 Governing Body Meeting (Budget Discussion and Approval only)       

Tuesday 2nd May 2017  Curriculum Committee Meeting 9.30am
Tuesday 6th June 2017  Resources Committee Meeting 8.30am
Tuesday 4th July 2017  Governing Body Meeting 5pm



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